Bea Fry 

Program Steward

Bea hails from St. Paul, Minnesota and is a recent transplant to Chicago. They hold a B.A. in International Relations and a B.S. in Food Studies from Syracuse University. Their background includes research on violations of the Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition for transgender people of color. Bea is passionate about creating and maintaining a food system which is equitable for the LGBTQIA+ community and racial minorities, promoting the integration of international human rights rhetoric into the foundation of local food systems.

Email: Be*@au********.org 

Jazmin Martinez

Co-Operations Steward

Jazmin is a farmer from La Villita/Little Village neighborhood in Chicago and uses They/them pronouns. They are an owner-worker of Catatumbo Cooperative Farm currently located in South Chicago. They have previous experience working in social services providing crisis and trauma-informed support and connecting individuals and families to resources. Additionally, their background involves organizing within the immigrant rights movement. Through their work, they saw a need to create economic opportunities for historically excluded communities and was drawn to urban farming, particularly within a worker-cooperative model. Their work is grounded in reverence for the land and hands that feed and nourish us. They are committed to connecting urban agriculture with broader social justice movements to envision and create other possible worlds.

Email: Ja****@au********.org 

Viviana Okakpu

Co-Operations Steward

Viviana is a farmer rooted in Chicago’s south side. They are passionate about food and medicine sovereignty, reduction of soil and water toxicity, and generative economics. They hold a B.A. in Environmental Studies and History from Oberlin College and has furthered her agricultural education by farming throughout North and Central America. They co-founded the community garden and 501(c)3 Cooperation Operation and The Chicago Mushroom Company, LLC. They ground their work in a deep love for Chicagos land, water, and people.

Email: vi*****@au********.org

Tucker Kelly

Water Access Steward

Tucker (they/them) began farming in 2010 on an organic farm in Ohio. Their area of focus for the last six years has been providing vocational training for ex-offenders and young adults with disabilities in an urban agriculture setting. Their joys: cycling, high summer, and chocolate. 

Email: wa***@au********.org


  • Alex Frantz


    Director of Local & Sustainability, Midwest Foods

  • Selma Sims


    CEO, Gardeneers

  • Dakarai Howard


    Senior Policy Advisor, Illinois Department of Agriculture

  • Megan Wells

    Megan Wells


    Adult Education and Workforce Consultant

  • Fawn Pochel


    Co-Founder, First Nations Garden

  • Elena Terry


    Founder, Wild Bearies

  • Dr. Akilah Martin, PhD


    Interdisciplinary Planner, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Rosie Fitz


    Director of Operations & Culture, HEAL Food Alliance