The Good Practices for Growing in Chicago program seeks to provide urban growers with a guide to business and good growing practices, along with the training and mentorship support to achieve them. AUA believes that making professional development accessible to growers across the spectrum of experience will result in farm operations that are financially viable, producing safe, quality products, and prepared for new opportunities.

AUA’s Grown In Chicago self-assessment tool encompasses multiple, established certifications that have set the standard for agricultural practices, which promote the health and well- being of producers, consumers, community members, and the Earth. Co-created by active Chicago farmers, soil scientists, and commercial buyers, this tool will be uniquely adapted to our city’s urban agriculture context. This tool will seek to approach good practices holistically from the standpoint of food safety, grower safety, conservation, and the implied social impacts of urban farms and community gardens, with the goal of harm prevention in mind. This tool will be intended for farm business owners, community gardeners, and those interested in pursuing farming in Chicago. All responses will be kept confidential.

Click Here to access the Grown In Chicago Self-Assessment Tool