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As you likely know, in 2015 the city of Chicago passed amendments to the city compost ordinance which expanded what urban farms and gardens are able to compost. City ordinance now allows community gardens and urban farms to accept food scraps and other organic waste generated off-site.

As part of this amendment to accept off-site organic waste, urban farms and gardens must register their site through the Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project (CUAMP), and document what they accept.

CUAMP, a collaboration between Advocates for Urban Agriculture, NeighborSpace, DePaul University, and the Chicago Food Policy Action Council (CFPAC) is a comprehensive map and inventory of Chicago’s urban farms and gardens.

Bronzeville Neighborhood Farm1CUAMP has been redesigned and upgraded to accommodate your site’s compost information. The registration portal is now live – head to to get started and register your site by July 9, 2018.

To stay in compliance with city ordinance, all composting operations must be registered within 30 days of this notice, and update their registration within 30 days of starting or changing their compost operations.

At the CUAMP site you can explore urban agriculture in Chicago by:

– ensuring your site is registered.
– searching CUAMP by garden name, address, community, or ward.
– downloading data and studying the geography of urban agriculture through the city.

Have questions on what this ordinance means for community gardeners or urban farmers? Want to learn more and get composting? Visit the compost resources section of AUA’s website for:

– Complete compost ordinance overview and frequently asked questions (English and Spanish)
– Advice on composting best practices (English and Spanish)
– Department of Public Health record keeping form for all urban farms and community gardens that accept off-site organic waste log (English and Spanish)

Support the mission to map the state of Chicago’s urban agriculture by checking if your site is a part of the Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project today!