AUA is delighted to share your spring urban agriculture newsletter, bursting with all the latest AUA and citywide news, events and resources. Important updates include an introduction to the City of Chicago’s new Urban Agriculture Project Manager, the current status of the urban farm business license campaign, recent statewide legislative victories, ways to get involved in the urban agriculture community this season, and so much more!

AUA in peppersWe’re also in the closing stretch of our “Member May” drive to raise $1,000 for essential programming and resources. To ensure the benefits and resources of AUA, our city’s largest urban ag network are available to all, we intentionally charge no membership dues. However, that also means we need you to ensure this essential mission continues!

AUA connects you to 2,000+ school, home and community gardeners, urban farmers, and local food system supporters across Chicago, and through this network, we’re building the type of city we want to live in: one with a flourishing food system where urban agriculture is as an integral part of community economic development, food security, environmental sustainability, and overall quality of life for all.

Will you join us directly in this movement building work by contributing $50, $25, or at any meaningful level to reach our need to raise $1,000 this spring?

As a grassroots organization, each dollar you contribute to AUA goes a long way for our urban agriculture movement. Can you support that mission today? And thank you for all that you do as a vital member of Chicago’s urban agriculture hub!

WeSowWeGrow8Look no further than your spring urban agriculture newsletter to see the impact of Advocates for Urban Agriculture, including:

See you in Chicago’s urban fields this season!