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Every day, AUA works towards a flourishing local food system, one where urban agriculture supports community economic development, food security, environmental sustainability, and overall quality of life for all.

We promote progressive urban agriculture policy through our Ward Ambassadors program; strengthen the urban agriculture community and its connections through our Raise the Barn Crop Mobs; and we support growers directly through free educational and networking resources. But we can only continue to grow urban agriculture in Chicago with your support. We still need to raise the majority of our $1,000 Spring Donation Drive – will you click here to make a $100, $50, or $30 tax-deductible contribution today towards a flourishing, local food system?

AUA is a grassroots coalition that charges no membership dues, and we make no ask to join our network or leverage our resources. We unite over 2,000 Chicagoland growers and local food advocates, connecting you with essential opportunities, resources, partners, news and events that benefit you and the urban agriculture community directly.

We do all this because we believe in our vision: a flourishing, local food system. But we can’t do it without you. Can you click here to donate $100, $50 or $30 for our Spring Drive to raise $1,000 for these indispensable program resources?

As the largest network in Chicago of community gardeners, school gardeners, urban farmers, urban ag businesses and individual advocates, we are your voice, your forum, and your advocate. We’re here for you, but we only exist thanks to you. Thank you for contributing what you can today, and for supporting the community you care so much about.

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