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Cultural heritage panel! Seed swap! Community slideshow of urban farms and gardens! Potluck! Come together with us to enjoy all this and more at AUA’s Cultural Heritage Spring Gathering!

Join us on Saturday, May 20th from 12pm-3pm at La Villita Community Church, 2300 S. Millard. We’ll start with a community potluck, followed by a chance to swap culturally significant seeds, and then explore Chicago’s urban agriculture community in photos from gardens and farms across the city. Then we’ll celebrate our cultural connections to agriculture, led by an amazing panel of urban agriculture leaders: Elvia Rodriguez-Ochoa of Openlands, Maria Herrera of Enlace and the Little Village Gardeners Coalition, and Annamaria Leon of the North Lawndale Greening Committee and Christy Weber Landscapes. They’ll be discussing topics including:

  • Gardening and agriculture as a means to connect with culture, community and roots
  • Different cultural heritages, connections and history with farming and gardening
  • Building and strengthening community through urban gardens and farms, and connecting to broader communities
  • Food production and gardening as a tool for empowerment
  • How urban agriculture and its community can respond to recent hostility towards immigration and multiculturalism

Please join us for this unique afternoon! Bring a dish and seeds to swap! Send your urban garden and farm photos to in**@au********.org to be included in the slideshow! And help us spread the word to your networks by sharing our event page. See you then!

Spring Gathering - Spanish