Local Food Lobby Day

Want to improve statewide policy that affects urban agriculture in Chicago? Passionate about making a difference on several local food issues that directly impact you and urban farmers?

Join us! AUA is getting together a strong Chicago contingent to carpool and caravan to Springfield for Local Food Lobby Day! On April 6th, our partners Illinois Stewardship Alliance will lead local food advocates, farmers, and citizens for a lobby training followed by actual legislative lobbying at the Capitol Complex!

Stand up for several bills that could become law with our support!

  • HB 3063 would allow for an expansion of homemade foods that could be sold under the cottage food bill and streamline Farmers Markets food sanitation rules, which currently vary widely from county to county.
  • HB2466/SB1662 would decriminalize off-farm site raw milk sales, helping family dairy farms stay in business.
  • The Healthy Local Foods Incentives (budget appropriation) would provides matching dollars for SNAP clients to purchase additional fruit & vegetables at farmers markets.
  • Read the full details on these bills and our full slate of legislative priorities here!

Make your voice heard! Contact in**@au********.org to join us! Don’t miss this fun chance to make a difference improving local food economies. The adage is true – think global, act local!