AUA is backing the Illinois Stewardship Alliance‘s campaign to pass HB 2487, which will protect community seed libraries from unnecessary regulation by exempting them from Illinois commercial seed laws. Over the last year, several departments of agriculture in other states started regulating and shutting down seed libraries under the auspices that they violated their state’s commercial seed laws.

Lets not let that happen here in Illinois!

Call Your Illinois State Representative now and ask them to co-sponsor House Bill 2487.

For everything you need to know about the legislation and contacting your State Representative in support of it (including how to find who your State Rep is), CLICK HERE.

We’ll be at ISA’s annual Local Food Lobby Day in Springfield tomorrow to build support for the passage of HB 2487 and other legislation that promotes sustainable local agriculture, so let’s make sure that this issue is fresh in legislators’ minds by calling them about it TODAY!