Chicago Composts, LLC intends to have a viable food waste composting facility up and running by end of 2010.  The facility will utilize an internationally renowned composting technology currently in over 100 installations around the world, including Seattle.  We will compost food waste and green waste and generate a high quality compost material.

We are seeking:

1. Suppliers of food waste
2. Suppliers of green waste (clean landscape material, wood chips, saw dust, paper, etc.)
3. Buyers of end-product compost (exact standards of end-product material to be determined.  We intend to create compost ready for food production use)

If you or anyone you know is interested in being a supplier or purchaser of compost please contact me immediately with your specifications so we can use your information to contribute to our project analysis.  Your contributions are incredibly important to the success of our facility.

Thank you!
Carrie Langford
Chicago Composts, LLC
445 West Erie, Suite 209
Chicago, 60654