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Chicago Honey Co-Op talks a bit about how their honey is produced;

Celsias has an article about Chicago’s Green City Program;

Chicago’s 61st Street Community Garden is at risk;

greenbuildingsNYC has an article on re-thinking the urban garden;

City Diggity has an post about growing kitchen herbs;

Evanston mayoral candidates discuss green policy;

Green Roof Growers tells us how to make a custom fertilizer blend and how to get your seeds started;

Homegrown Evolution points to some self-irrigating planter resources;

The Local Beet has an 18-Point-Guide to “Living the Local Life” and an update about SB99, the composting bill currently making its way through the state legislature;

Good Food For All has a write-up about the recent “Forgotten Fruit Summit”, held last month in Madison, Wisc.;

The Slow Cook announced McDonald’s plans to evaluate the use of pesticides on the potatoes they purchase;

Sweet Home and Garden Chicago has some tips for “garden stretching”‘;

Growing Home announces their new season of job training, gives kudos to Green Grocer’s support of local organic produce; and gives us a photo tour of their Les Brown Farm, along with some photos of the newest additions to the farm.