From Tim Wilson, Director of Urban Agriculture at the Resource Center:

Tell your state representatives to vote YES to SB99 by Feb. 27.

Amends the Environmental Protection Act. Redefines the term “compost” to mean compostable material that has, by composting, decomposed to the degree that it will not, when subjected to optimal thermal conditions and optimal levels of oxygen, moisture, and nutrients, reheat significantly due to the action of microorganisms, and that is also suitable (i) for use as a soil conditioner, (ii) for use as a cover material for a municipal solid waste landfill, or (iii) for another use approved by the Agency (now, the humus-like product of the process of composting waste, which may be used as a soil conditioner). Redefines the term “composting” to mean the decomposition of compostable material into compost by a biological process that produces carbon dioxide and water as primary by-products (now, the biological treatment process by which microorganisms decompose the organic fraction of waste, producing compost). Excepts food scrap from the definition of the term “garbage”. Exempts certain types of facilities, sites, portions of facilities, and portions of sites from regulation as pollution control facilities. Defines “compostable material” and “food scrap”. Effective immediately.”

Find your State Rep (Chicago/Cook County)

Find your State Rep (all other IL voters)

I have documents provided by SCARCE, an environmental organization in Glen Ellyn, who we at the Resource Center are looking to again to help advocate for real composting access.

The links are to legislation that will help the Resource Center composting type facility become accessible to more people than just waste haulers who will not provide Chicago with clean growing medium, but consolidated waste.

Please contact your representative and forward the info to others. The bill is being reviewed FEBRUARY 27, 2009.

To learn more about SCARCE please see

This and continued negotiations with the city and private investors are our best found avenues available for composting in Chicago. ____________________________________

Thank you for support Chicago Composting.

Tim Wilson

Director of Urban Agriculture

Resource Center

Chicago, IL 312.636.0771

(Questions about the legislation can be directed to Tim Wilson or SCARCE. Other material can also be provided, including a script for speaking to your representative).